Here’s what some ‘notable people’ had to say about the Amazing Mr. Tony MacLaren:

"You're fantastic! Magic really has come a long way!"

- Bob Newhart

"WOW! You are really, really great."

- Dick Van Dyke (Motion picture and television comedy legend)

“The most elegant hands in the business and I’ve seen them all. He’s the man I get when I really want to astound, astonish, entertain and impress my special “seen it all” VIP guests. I refer to him as MacLaren the great! He has a serious television career in front of him”

- Sid Smith (Emmy award winning television producer/director of two David Copperfield specials, the Academy Awards, Circus of the Stars, Miss Universe, Bob Hope, etc.)

"Wow! You just totally fried a roomful of Hollywood motion picture special effects wizards; close up and surrounded. Amazing. Congratulations!” - Eugene Roddenbury (son of Gene Roddenbury, creator of Star Trek)

“One of the last great secrets in magic. He’s the man I call on to solve unsolvable problems and tackle the impossible.” - Paul Harris (Best-selling author, inventor, producer and magical icon)

“You hold him and I’ll frisk him. This guy is good.” - Clint Eastwood (Academy award winning actor/director)

“I’m just an actor and this is just way beyond me! You are the best I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of scary actually.” - Billy Bob Thornton (Academy award winning actor/director)

“The best I’ve ever seen. So good, I wanted seconds.” - Herman Wouk (Pulitzer Prize winning author ‘War and peace’)

“Oh my god, that’s incredible! I just twisted your arm around twice. Ahhh!” - Cher (Academy/Grammy award winning actress/singer)

“You’re really unbelievable, I’m amazed.” - Chick Corea (Grammy award winning musician)

“You’re the best. I want you to ‘wow’ my ‘A’ list guests.” - Herbie Handcock (Grammy award winning musician)

“You are very talented and funny.” - Eric Idle (Monty Python)

“How did you do that? I’d thought I’d seen it all” - Harry Blackstone Jr. (Illusionist/magician)

“You are fantastic. Do you sing?” - Smokey Robinson

“MacLaren is an awesome talent. I believe he will be magic and music’s next big star” - Alan Zagorsky (Illusion designer/Producer Owen’s Magic Supreme)

“Will you marry me?” - Various single girls (After watching MacLaren change five $1 bills into $1000)

“Very good, old boy.” - Pierce Brosnan (Actor / James Bond)

“That’s real fine work you do.” - Glen Campbell (Country Music Legend)

“Wow! That looks real. Awesome.” - Emilio Estevez (Actor/ Director)

“He sings, he play’s killer guitar, he writes music, he makes records, he reads minds, he performs mind bending effects, he teleports, he levitates. . . so what!” - Jaded critic

“He’s the greatest entertainer on the planet and he deserves to be pelted with jewels, paper money, grand accolades and the world’s most prestigious honors and awards. A knighthood or the presidency wouldn’t be out of the question.” - Artie MacLaren (Tony’s dad)

“I can’t recall what everyone else said” - Tony MacLaren (Entertainer)

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