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My dad and I mixing a record in Toronto studio.

“Pickin some hot country on Canadian tour”

Kidglove Band in Montreal Canada playing progressive rock.

Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Stone and I getting busy during U.S. tour

Bamboo Forest (the Rippingtons touring band) on tour w/ Jeff Kashiwa, Dave Kohanski, Tony macLaren, Kim Stone, Steve Reid and Tony Morales.

Ripping it up in concert with Dave Kohanski, Jeff Kashiwa, Tony MacLaren, and Kim Stone

Cruise to Mexico w/ the Jazz All Stars ( Tony MacLaren, Brian Bromberg, Dave Koz, Steve Reid).

My dad, Artie and I backstage after tearing it up in concert.

“Shuckin and jiving on Canadian tour”

MacLaren w/ Nick Danger in Vancouver Canada.

Hocus Pocus at T.V. taping at Disneyland w/ T.J. Morris, Mickey Mouse, Tony MacLaren, Dave Lyznic, Jack Theil, Donald Duck and Greg Bartheld.

Drum in Jakarta Indonesia w/  keys, Tony maclaren, Steve Reid, Kim Stone, M.B. Gordy.

Hocus Pocus before concert.

Tony MacLaren Young Guitar


MacLaren goes up, up and away

High Levitation w/ Diana Weiss (relative of Harry Houdini) holding the hoop.

MacLaren meditating in Florida’s mysterious Coral Castle.

Shadow Levitation in the mountains.

Levitating in the Chatsworth Hills.

Sword through neck levitation. “This is what happens when I’m a bad boy”

David Copperfield and Tony MacLaren hanging with two hotties.

Paul Harris and Tony MacLaren
at San Diego magic convention

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Tony Maclaren

Tony MacLaren headshot

Tony MacLaren Portrait

Acting headshot
Tony maclaren trashin fashion

A young Tony coming up

A young Tony MacLaren

MacLaren checking out the
Haliaka Crater in Maui.

MacLaren in Mexico