The Big BangTall Tales and Short Stories


The Big Bang

Tall Tales and Short Stories

MacLaren uses his mastery of the guitar to punctuate his thought provoking, often romantic and witty wordplay, concocting a tasty ‘magic brew’ of music that will enchant and delight.

His music straddles between ‘a rock and a country place’ and often delves down into the deep, mysterious fringes of his songcraft.

The ‘Big Bang’ and ‘Tall Tales and Short Stories’ are powerful combinations of music and science
that will rock your socks off. It’s interesting to note that this c.d. was recorded and mixed to analogue tape and used no keyboards or synthesizers.

Warning: This CD contains material that may cause certain side effects such as: dancing, grooving, smiling and could possibly lead to ‘air guitar playing’.

MacLaren is known as the ‘guitar wizard’ for a reason, as can be evidenced by listening to his music or seeing him perform live in person.

His unique style and elegant technique is truly magical and inspirational. From lush ballads to hi octane barn burners to 'acappella chanteys’, his song writing is full of twists and turnarounds and leads the listener on a magical musical mystery tour, deep down inside the rabbit hole.

But wait, there’s more!

MacLaren has a few surprises that may interest you. He actually hears and plays the music that is in ‘your’ head!

He ‘reads the ‘live audience’s’ minds’, extrapolates their thoughts and sings and plays the music they are thinking about on his guitar.

Remarkably, he even read minds over the radio! His mesmerized guitar eerily plays itself as if plucked by a ‘ghostly’ hand. Sometimes he just starts to ‘hover and levitate’ on the stage.

He may ‘spontaneously combust’ into flame on stage and ‘rematerialize’ like the Phoenix from the ashes in front of his amazed audience.