Tony MacLaren: Architect of Astonishment!

He is a perpetrator of unusual acts and mind to mind communication. He melds mental gymnastics, paranormal activities, thought transmission, and inexplicable acts that defy the laws of physics.

His fun interactive show entertains and immerses his viewers in personal wonder and amazement. He displays a stunning command of mind over matter by moving or bending solid objects, demonstrating mentalism and even ‘touching’ some in the audience with his mind alone.

With his incredible special effects and easygoing, yet charismatic personality, MacLaren can ignite the most critical and sophisticated audience into an astonished childlike state, bursting with wonder and joy.

Some of his demonstrations may include: Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Levitation, Prognostication, Precognition, Teleportation, Mathematics Feats, Thought Reading, Alchemy, Unfathomable Coincidences, Remote Viewing, Tricky Humor and Mind-Blowing Impossibilities…and a good time will be had by all.

From his devious methods to his diabolical techniques, he leaves his audiences’ with an unforgettable experience and a newfound sense of wonder.

Tony MacLaren - he knows what you’re thinking!!!

Come and be the show!